Terms & Condtions

Welcome to Flora Sensation! These Terms and Conditions govern your use of our website and the services provided through it. By using our website, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

Here are some Points to discuss:

By accepting the Terms and Condition, you will be granted a limited, revocable, non-exclusive right to use the Website to purchase the products/services.

You may be required to create an online account to buy products or services. You will need to fill out the registration form with your name, email address, mobile phone number, etc. Flora Sensation will rely upon the information that you provide and you warrant that all the information you provide in creating an account is accurate and true. You must immediately notify FLORA SENATIONS of any changes made to your registration information, including any change in the expiration of a credit card or charge cards used for the purchase of products/services on the Website or any change in billing or home address.

Only persons with the legal capacity to form contracts, as defined by Indian Contract Act 1872, are allowed to transact on this website. The Indian Contract Act of 1872 does not allow “incompetents to contract”, such as un-discharged bankruptcy insolvents, etc. The Website is not available to them. 

FLORA SENATIONS reserves, at its sole discretion, the right to deny any user the opportunity to create an account on this Website, or to suspend or delete an account. FLORA SENATIONS reserves the right, at its absolute discretion and without assigning any reason, to refuse any user from creating an account on the Website or to suspend or cancel an account.

You confirm and acknowledge, that you are solely responsible for the confidentiality of your username and password. This includes preventing any unauthorized use or access to this website using your username and password. You are responsible for any access to or use of this website through your username and password. This includes the purchase of Products that result in financial charges being imposed on you, regardless of whether you were aware of such access or use or authorized it. FLORA SENATIONS must be notified immediately of any unauthorized use or disclosure of the user name or password. You should also notify FLORA SENATIONS if your privacy is compromised or threatened. You will be responsible for any unauthorized use or disclosure of your password and user name until FLORA SENATIONS has been notified. It is your responsibility to take extra care when using public networks/WIFI connections or accessing your FLORA SENATIONS account from public computers.

You may not: (i) choose or use a username that impersonates another person. (ii), use a username that is vulgar, offensive or obscene. FLORA SENATIONS reserves its right to refuse registration or cancel a username at its discretion. You are solely responsible of all activities that occur in your account.

FLORA SENATIONS reserves the right to send you alerts, emails, newsletters or other promotional offers based on preferences you indicate during registration and at any point thereafter through your online account. This may also be based on past purchases of products/services on the Website.

FLORA SENATIONS is required to monitor the use of the website for legitimate reasons. This includes (a) maintaining, developing and providing the Website. (b) preventing and fixing problems with security or the operation of Website. (c) generating reports such as the number of products sold and revenue for each product category. FLORA SENATIONS will be required to monitor your usage of the website for legitimate purposes, such as (a) providing, maintaining and developing the Website; (b) preventing, detecting and repairing problems related to security or the operation of the Website; (c) creating reports e.g. number products sold, revenue by each product category.

The prices, descriptions and products on the website are subject to change. FLORA SENATIONS or Flora Senations Private Limited reserves the right to change or discontinue their respective products and services at any time.

Our website contains accurate information. FLORA SENATIONS does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or correctness of information and products on this Website. The availability of products on the website will determine whether a purchase can be made.

FLORA SENATIONS will do its best to provide you with the lowest possible price for the product, but does not guarantee this to be the case in your region or country. FLORA SENATIONS reserves its right to update or change the price of a product and/or any other details on the Website at its own discretion without notifying you. FLORA SENATIONS reserves the right to cancel or decline any order if a product is listed with an incorrect price, incorrect information, or incorrect pricing due to a typographical error or incorrect pricing from FLORA SENATIONS’s supplier. This applies whether the order was confirmed or you were charged for the product or service. FLORA SENATIONS will refund you the amount if your order has already been charged.

The specifications of the product (weight, size and colour) are approximate. The product specifications (weight, size, colour etc.) displayed with the photos are approximate. Pictures and actual products may differ slightly.

The flower arrangements may differ slightly from the images displayed on the website. This is because the arrangements are handmade and sometimes, flowers need to be substituted due to regional or temporary unavailability.

Each cake is handmade and because each chef bakes and designs a cake in his/her unique way, the design and shape of the cake may vary slightly. Sometimes, due to regional or temporary unavailability, we may need to substitute flavours/designs.

Our skilled team will ensure we deliver products as close to what was described/shown; any substitution will only include items of equal or greater value.

The products and their information are displayed to encourage offers from users. You are making a purchase offer when you place an order. We must accept this offer. The acknowledgement of your order (via email/SMS/push notifications) does not indicate our acceptance of your offer. FLORA SENATIONS reserves its right to accept, decline, or cancel (in part or whole) your offer after receiving your order. FLORA SENATIONS will accept the offer once it has been dispatched for delivery. FLORA SENATIONS will not accept an offer or order if it does anything else. Before accepting an order, we may need to verify or obtain additional information. You will need to provide accurate information about the recipient, including their name, shipping and contact details. If FLORA SENATIONS cancels your order in whole or part, you agree that your only and exclusive remedy will be:

FLORA SENATIONS does not charge your bank account or credit/debit cards for the portion of an order that is cancelled.

FLORA SENATIONS offers a variety of payment options to suit your needs, including Visa, Master Card RuPay, Paypal, American Express Debit cards, Internet Banking, digital wallets, and UPI. Regardless of anything herein, all payments made through the payment gateways on this website or via FLORA SENATIONS mobile app are subject to the specific terms and conditions set forth by such third-party payment gateways.

If a product you ordered is not available or out of stock, we will notify you and offer you an alternative product. We will send you an alternate product if we cannot reach you. This is because we know you are sending the gift to a loved one on a special day and don’t want to ruin the mood.

Flora Sensations reserves all rights to cancel any orders for any reason, including any unforeseeable circumstances that could come in your way, such as limitations on the quantity of products available, errors in pricing or product information, or limitations in our credit department. We will notify/ contact you before cancelling any order.

Orders for delivery the same day are processed instantly and cannot usually be cancelled or modified. If you need to cancel or modify an order you can contact us at [email protected] (7 AM to 10 PM, seven days a weeks). We will modify/cancel your order if it has not yet been prepared for delivery or if the order is still in the process of being delivered. The order cannot be modified or cancelled if it has been dispatched/prepared. You will be charged.

In other cases of order modification/cancellation, you shall give at least 24 (twenty four) hours’ advance notice.

If the order is already prepared/dispatched it cannot be modified/cancelled and you will still be charged. We reserve the right, in case of a limited quantity of products available for purchase, an error with product(s) and pricing information, or other unforeseeable circumstances, to cancel your order. You will receive an email if your order is cancelled and refunded.

After placing an order on the website, you will receive a confirmation via e-mail. This will contain all of the details about your order including the order numbers that will be needed in the event that you need to contact Flora Sensations. When your order is delivered, you will receive an e-mail confirmation. Check your registered email or phone number for more details.

Flora Sensations makes every effort to fulfill the delivery option selected by the client when placing an order. The delivery time is determined by the address that you specify for delivery. Flora Sensations provides two options for delivery, “Fixed Time Deliveries” and “Standard Time Delivery”. This is done to make it easier for customers. Flora Sensations charges customers who choose fixed-time delivery a nominal fee. The charges will be displayed when you select the delivery date on the website. Flora Sensations will deliver your product at the time you choose, but they are not responsible for circumstances outside their control. This includes unexpected delays in our couriers’ and transporters’ travel due to weather conditions, strikes or political disruptions, war, or lockdown. In such cases, we will notify you immediately. Please check your inbox for any updates.

Flowers can be delivered at any stage of blooming, including fully-bloomed flowers. The delivery cannot go to another address.

We suggest that you place your order  before 1 days in advance of any major festival or event.

Hand delivered products cannot be sent with courier delivered products. The products can reach the recipient on two different days or at different times.

  • Orders must be received at Flora Sensation by 8:00 PM, Monday through Sunday, IST, to qualify for same-day delivery.


  •  Orders must be received at Flora Sensation by 08:00 pm IST on Monday through Sunday to qualify for same-day delivery.  


  • Orders must be received at Flora Sensation by 9:00 PM, Monday through Sunday, IST, to qualify for midnight delivery.

You agree that the requested delivery time is not binding. The estimated delivery time is dependent on the availability and destination of the product.

Force Majeure Events can affect delivery and cause it to take longer.

We will contact you proactively in such situations. Check your email for any updates.

We will only attempt to deliver your order once for perishable items such as cakes and flowers. If the delivery fails during the first attempt, the order will still be charged and a redelivery is not possible. In the following cases, we will consider that the order has been executed:

  • The wrong shipping/delivery addresses.
  • Recipient is not available
  • Premises locked.
  • The recipient refuses to accept delivery.

In case if the recipient is not available, he/she can inform the delivery person to deliver the order to the gate/reception/neighbour.

In the event of a dispute over delivery, a proof of delivery will be provided.

The order is not considered late if no one is available to receive the order at the address of shipping at the time it arrives. In such cases, refunds, cancellations and liability cannot be offered. As mentioned below, we will do our best to make sure that you are satisfied.

  • Contact the recipient and schedule a delivery time.
  • You can leave a note at the door of the recipient asking him to call the florist and schedule a time for delivery.
  • Keep the bouquet/arrangement under cover in a secure place at home (garage, porch, or another entrance).
  • Send the arrangement/bouquet to a neighbor and leave a note on the door of the recipient with the information.
Returns are not allowed. However, if the product you received is damaged/defective/Wrong then please notify our customer support team within 2 hrs after delivery with images showing what the problem is and they can investigate accordingly. If required, our team will contact you to ask for more information about the product.
Choose from the following options:
1. Re-delivery of the product is possible.
2. Choose a refund into your Wallet amount (refunded within 7 working days).
3. The amount will be credited to your account in 10-15 business days, as per the standard banking timelines.
In the following situations, we do not provide refunds:
When Flowers, Plants and Cakes, Sweets and other perishables are delivered to the wrong address provided by customer.
The recipient refuses or is not at the address specified by the sender.
When improper handling is the cause of product quality issues.

You agree to pay any applicable taxes, delivery fees, and/or any other charges that are displayed on our website at the time of your order. Flora Sensations will not be responsible for any taxes, fees, duties or other government charges, penalties, interest or other charges arising out of your purchase of products and services.

Payment must be credited to Flora Sensation’s bank account before the order can be delivered. Orders will not be processed unless payment has been received. Flora Sensation accepts Visa, Master Card Debit and Credit Card, RuPay and, American Express Debit and Credit Card, Internet Banking and Digital Wallets. FLORA SENATIONS accepts all domestic credit cards.

You confirm that you have the right to use a card or payment method. You agree to give accurate and correct details of your payment method or card for the transaction. You will be held responsible for any fraudulent use of your card or payment method. Flora Sensations does not accept responsibility for any transaction that is processed without you consenting and knowing. The cardholder, or the owner of any payment method is responsible for all transactions and charges on their account.

You must make all payments for purchases made on the website in Indian rupees, which are accepted in India. The Website does not allow any other currency to be used for the purchase made on the website.

FLORA SENATIONS may ask you for supporting documents before shipping/delivering the order. These may include, but are not limited to Government issued IDs (such as a Govt. To establish ownership of your payment instrument, Flora Sensations may ask you to provide supporting documents (including but not limited to Govt. We do this to provide a secure online shopping environment for our users.

This is to clarify that:

All commercial terms, including delivery, dispatch, and price, are based on principal to principle bipartite contractual obligations between the customer and seller. The customer and

  1. a) The Flora Sensation and the payment facility on the website are used solely by FLORA SENATIONS and the customer to complete the transaction.

You understand, accept, and agree that this payment facility is not a financial or banking service, but merely a facilitator for electronic payments, automating the process. This payment is made using existing banking infrastructures and payment gateway networks.

You agree that we may communicate with you via e-mail or by any other means of communication, whether verbally, electronically or physically, if you have registered on our website. You agree that any agreements, notices or disclosures that Flora Sensation sends to you via e-mail or any other medium, satisfy any legal requirements that these communications be written.

Flora Sensations, as a business that specializes in occasion-based gifts, offers a service of occasion reminders. Flora Sensations will remind you about certain occasions at upcoming years. You agree to allow Flora Sensations to contact you via SMS, phone call, and e mail on your registered email and phone number to provide you with a free reminder service.

The Website provides information about the warranty conditions. All orders placed on the website are covered by a warranty against defects in manufacturing.

The warranty is only valid for manufacturing defects. It cannot be used to claim defects caused by mishandling or normal wear.

The Terms and Conditions grant you a non-exclusive license to use the Website, provided that you continue to comply with them. This site is for personal and non-commercial purposes only. You are allowed to download one copy of materials for home, personal use.

You may not, except as explicitly provided in this document, modify, copy or distribute any information or materials obtained through or from this site, nor broadcast, transmit or reproduce them, nor license, transfer or sell them, or mirror, frame or deep link. You warrant to Flora Sensations, as a condition to your use of this website, that you will use it for no purpose that is illegal, unauthorized or inconsistent with the Terms and Conditions. And you agree that your license to use Flora Sensation’s website will immediately terminate if you violate this warranty. Flora Sensations reserves its right to terminate access to the site and content at any time. This can be done with or without prior notice.

FLORA SENATIONS aims to give you access to the services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may be unable to access the Website from time-to-time, due to unforeseen circumstances or maintenance. FLORA SENATIONS does not make any representations regarding the suitability, accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the materials, products and services described on this Website. FLORA SENATIONS, to the extent permitted by law, disclaims any and all warranties, whether express or implied. This includes, but is not limited, to implied warranties of merchantability for a specific purpose, fitness for that purpose, non-infringement, system integration data accuracy and quiet enjoyment. FLORA SENATIONS does NOT warrant that this Website, its servers or any e-mails sent from it are free of viruses and other harmful components.

This section of limitation of liability shall prevail over any other provision in the Terms and Conditions that is inconsistent or conflicting. You must take the necessary precautions to make sure that any software or other material you choose for use is free from destructive items such as viruses, worms and trojan horses.

FLORA SENATIONS, its affiliates and their employees are not liable for damages of any type arising from the following:

The use or consumption by third parties of products that they have procured or manufactured;

The products that are delivered to you by a third party. FLORA SENATIONS does not assume any responsibility for the evaluation or examination of third-party products and services. FLORA SENATIONS does NOT warrant any products offered by third parties. FLORA SENATIONS does NOT endorse in any way any products, services, or websites of third parties. You must make any claims directly to the third party.

FLORA SENATIONS will refund your entire order if it is unable deliver the product. FLORA SENATIONS is not liable for other costs, such as emotional stress, lost profits or other liabilities. This non-delivery may have caused damage.

Flora Sensation may, if it finds a customer who has engaged in fraudulent transactions on the website, recover from that customer the costs of the products, the collection fees and the lawyer’s fee. This recovery does not affect Flora Sensation’s right to bring legal action against the customer in question for their unlawful activities.

Your registration data as well as other information collected by this website is subject to Privacy Policy. By using this website, you acknowledge and agree to the collection, use, and transfer of information (as described in the Privacy Policies), including any necessary or permitted transfers under applicable laws. See our complete privacy policy under Privacy Policy for more information.

The Terms and Conditions remain in full effect as long as you use this Website. Flora Sensation may terminate your registration at this Website at any time, at its sole discretion, if it finds that you have violated these Terms and Conditions, or are deemed to be guilty of conduct detrimental to Flora Sensation’s reputation.

Flora Sensation will rely upon the information that you provide and you warrant that all the information you provide in creating an account is accurate and true